Johannes S. Neumann

B.Sc. Biology
B.A. English

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Johannes Neumann is currently enrolled in two degrees: A BS in Biology and a complementary BA in English.

His biological work at the ITZ has mainly focused on marine invertebrates and molecular
studies of their phylogeny. For his Bachelor’s thesis, he is investigating Placozoa and their bacterial endosymbionts, which belong to a group of obligate intracellular Rickettsia. Under supervision of Prof. Schierwater, Dr. Kamm and Hans-Jürgen Osigus, Johannes has conducted a pioneer study of what might be the oldest endosymbiosis of the animal kingdom, focusing on the rickettsial
endosymbiont taxonomy. This promises to provide key insights into the host phylogeny.

Further projects include a paper comparing metagenomic sequencing strategies (submitted for publication) and work on branchiobdellidan ectosymbionts of crayfish - both in collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History in New York - as well as supervision of a Chiroptera project in Southern France.

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