Ronja-Katharina Kraul (2013): Conservation genetic studies of the phylogeographic state of

Orthetrum coerulescens

During a field trip in Southern France, the Camargue and Crau, with the ITZ Ecology and Evolution, Orthetrum coerulescens (Odonata: Libelluidae) were sampled. Together with already existing samples from four different countries all samples were analysed with two mitochondrial markers (ND1 and CO1). Both, mutational haplotype network and genetic distances revealed a special state of the Italian populations and an unclear connection between Corsica and Salzgitter.

B.Sc. Thesis

Ronja-Katharina Kraul (2015): The spread of the Dark Spreadwing:

Does the population structure of endangered Lestes macrostigma reflect the patchy habitat distribution of an exclusive brackish ecosystem?

The endangered damselfly Lestes macrostigma, occurring in brackish ecosystems is a good example for a stenotopic species being affected by human activity. This study focuses on CO1 sequences of 101 L. macrostigma individuals from 22 populations in six countries, revealing the importance of habitat connectivity and quality.

Hereby samples were collected in Southern France and further samples were kindly provided by the ITZ Ecology and Evolution, working in cooperation with the Tour du Valat, where sample collection was coordinated, especially with Dr. Philippe Lambret.

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